Kabinet Múz

While most music clubs find the phrase "we aren't a club, we're a lifestyle" an annoying cliché, it could not be more true of the Kabinet. Despite the fact that it is a distinct building in the center of Brno with a well-known cultural history, the Kabinet is shaped by the community that clusters around it and by specific events. What is most important here is the imaginary space it provides for its community.

This is illustrated by the family of graphic symbols functioning as logos for all parts of the club (currently, this means a concert hall, magazine, vegan restaurant, record store, gallery and beer brand) in which these spaces gradually open. A set of simple illustrations works on the same basis, as it changes, along with a prepared colour palette, across visual styles based on consistently built layouts.


  • Art directoring
  • Layout design
  • Poster
  • Logo